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Freedom to Age in Place at Home

Freedom to age in place I had a long Thanksgiving weekend and spent a few days with my elderly grandparents, my aunts, and my mother. Everyone relaxed and unplugged to spend dedicated time together enjoying each other. While our staycation wasn’t anything extraordinary, it was intentional. We spent our time reminiscing on family memories and laughing. There were no outings and activities.  We did enjoy our morning coffee and family drop-ins.

It may be the delicious turkey we ate that is getting to me, but spending this time together allowed me to reflect on the importance of our freedom of choice.  My mother is the primary caregiver for my elderly grandparents.  This family staycation helped me realize how much she needed a break.  She needed the freedom to choose something other than caregiving for a few days to recharge her battery.  She needed to make a choice to ask for help, so my family could see that my grandparents are aging, and they need assistance with some activities of daily living.
And, don’t you know? My family did choose to jump in and help. It was a wonderful opportunity for me to have the freedom to watch it all unfold.

My 88-year-old grandfather loves to cook but chopping and cutting meats and veggies can take a toll on his hands.  So, my daughter stepped in to dice and cut peppers, onions, celery, carrots for Thanksgiving dinner. The best part, other than the dinner, was knowing the two of them made a stronger connection while cooking together.

This staycation brought me much needed peace and relaxation.  I know, without a doubt, my grandparents appreciated the time and memories shared.  It brought them joy.  This peace helped me realize how important companionship and the freedom to age at home is for my grandparents and as part of eldercare. In-home care services like those provided by Caring Matters Home Care offer my grandparents help with prepping meals, light housekeeping, getting out to run errands and simple companionship. Hiring a professional caregiver provides my mother, and any family caregiver, respite which makes her a better caregiver.

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