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The Top Five Considerations for In-Home Care

In-home care is the most popular option chosen by the American public. Consider the following reasons why in-home care might be the best choice for you and your family as well:

Independence Matters. With in-home care, patients are encouraged to be as independent as possible. With a few changes for safety, such as grab bars and anti-slip rugs, freedom to move around the comfort of their own home is very possible with in-home care.

Family Involvement. Those who are cared for at home have the advantage of open visiting hours. Family members can stop in and help out as often as necessary without concerns about intruding on the care of others. In times of illness, the presence of family members can buoy a patient’s spirits and make everyone feel more in-control of the situation.

Continuity of Care. Home care is often provided by the same nurse or team or nurses, so they always know what kind of care has been given or is needed. The patient can also keep their same doctor, so the continuity of their care stays intact.

Safe and Personal. The risks of infection are lessened when a patient uses in-home care. The one-on-one care and personal attention also ensures that all your loved one’s needs can be met quickly and without the red tape often found in hospitals or nursing homes.

Lower Costs. In-home care providers are usually less expensive than nursing homes or assisted living facilities. With in-home care, you also have the option of hiring someone for only the hours when your loved one needs help the most. Lower costs also offer peace of mind to those seniors who are concerned about the financial burden their care might put on their family.

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